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This article, by Haley Lindley, features:


Alsager Animals in Need



Abandoned and left alone on the streets are many stray animals; left alone to fight for survival.  When dogs are left alone they can panic and run onto roads, causing traffic accidents. Cats left alone can risk becoming pregnant and having kittens in a garden, on a street or in a bin, making more homeless cats.


One organisation that helps to keep cats and dogs off the streets and in a loving home is Alsager Animals in Need. They are a registered charity and rescue abandoned cats and dogs.  They provide shelter and food for the animals and veterinary care. The police, newspapers and the radio stations are notified about the abandoned animals who then try to find the owners. If the owners are not found within ten days the cat or dog is put through a scheme of vaccinations and adults are neutered. They are then micro chipped and re-homed accordingly to a suitable family.


It makes you cross when you see stray animals; there is no excuse for it. If people want to have a dog or a cat, they are responsible for it and should always look after it  


says Hilary, the co-ordinator.


But it is very satisfying to help these animals and to see them going to good homes and it means a lot to hear good stories from people about the animals settling in


There are currently three cat fosterer volunteers giving provision for fourteen cats. The problem is that there are sometimes more than fourteen cats that are stray. Fosterers are urgently needed in Crewe and Nantwich, where there is only one volunteer at present. Fosterers are needed to look after the animals and get the animals used to human contact whilst a new home is found.


More dog fosterers are also needed. Currently the organisation has to rent five kennels for stray dogs that are found. There are frequently more than five stray dogs, so there is then no room in the kennels for them. Also when there are no dogs in the kennels the organisation still has to pay for them. It would be more beneficial for the organisation if they had more dog fosterers.  Alsager Animals in Need are looking for fosterers who are at home during the day and will be able to cope with the day-to-day duties of looking after the animals.


They raise money by holding fundraising events such as coffee mornings, which they hold once a month. They desperately need young volunteers to help with the coffee mornings, by assisting with the setting up and the carrying of boxes.


If you are interested in fostering a dog or cat or you would like to find out more information call:


Alsager Animals in Need
01270 884150


If you would like more information about voluntary work in the borough, give the

Council for Voluntary Service  logo.Council for Voluntary Service a call on:

01270 211545.

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