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Breathe Easy


When somebody has a lung disease it isn’t obvious and the problems are usually hidden so nobody notices. But lung diseases all produce devastating effects on the lives of the sufferers and their families. The main symptom is breathlessness and can affect a person’s ability to carry out simple tasks.


It is very hard emotionally to watch a loved one finding things difficult and progressively become worse. People suffering from lung disease often feel isolated as they feel they are unable to do certain tasks and activities. These people and their families need support. One group which does this is the Breathe Easy Group.


Breathe Easy is part of the British Lung Foundation. They meet up every last Wednesday in the month at the Salvation Army in Crewe. They are there to give support. They provide education, information and social support for anyone who has a lung condition, such as asthma and lung cancer.


The Breathe Easy group are in need of more volunteers and members. They welcome anybody who is enthusiastic and willing to help by volunteering in any way. As a volunteer you would be able to help with the basic setting up of the meetings, fundraising and helping with trips.


If you can drive and would be willing to help with any transport needs then the Breathe Easy Group need you. Some of the members are unable to attend the meetings because of their condition. The group would like to have volunteers who would bring these members to the meetings or even visit the members’ homes and give them their company.


They also particularly need volunteers to help with secretarial jobs and organisation.


Volunteers are extremely important to the group. We need more volunteers to be able to help us reach out to new members and to help with our current members. Volunteers are very welcome to help in any way


Says Christina Dean, Secretary of the South Cheshire Breath Easy Group.


It is very important to support people who have lung conditions as they have got as much to give as everybody else.


If you want to be a volunteer or become a member call:
Christina Dean on 01270 415437.

If you would like more information about voluntary work in the borough, give the

Council for Voluntary Service  logo.Council for Voluntary Service a call on:

01270 211545.

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