The Crewe and Nantwich Compact – 2004

A Compact between
Crewe and Nantwich Voluntary and Community Sector
and the Local and County Statutory Sector

Supported by Cheshire County Council
and Crewe and Nantwich CVS and Volunteer Bureau


Joint Foreword

A Steering Group of voluntary sector members, and representatives from the community and statutory sectors has developed this agreement, in order to provide a framework for mutual trust and acceptance of the respective roles and responsibilities of voluntary community and statutory groups.

The Steering Group has endeavoured to set out in this Compact document, a Strategic Framework, to support the key principles and values for partnership working between the voluntary, community and public sectors. The Steering Group will also endeavour to extend the same key principles and values to the private sector, where appropriate.

Differences in approach between the voluntary and public sectors can make partnership working challenging. The advantages of partnership and the pros and cons are of concern to all of the groups involved. Therefore the strategic framework in which partnerships are developed will be crucial to effective participation in the future.

The group was established formally, in the autumn of 2002. The Local Strategic Partnership Co-ordinating Group formally recognised the work; a presentation was given to the Borough Forum in November of 2002. The Voluntary and Community Sector Forum met in December of 2002 as part of the process of informing and developing the wider network.

The intention is to build a new framework which will guide and sustain all partnerships within the voluntary and community sectors, and to recognise the crucial role of voluntary and community organisations in building and promoting an active healthy community in the Borough of Crewe and Nantwich, in which we live and work.

This initial document is the result of wide consultation throughout the voluntary and community sectors and with other partners.

The Crewe and Nantwich Compact is based on the COMPACT between the Government and the voluntary sector and the Local Compact Guidelines document.

We are committed to working together to ensure the Compact Codes of Practice are implemented within our partnership.



1. What is the compact?


2. The Aims and Objectives are to:


3. Partnership Equalities Agreement

All partners agree to:


4. All partners agree to:


5. Process for Implementation and Review

All partners agree to:

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