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Advancing Local Voluntary Action.

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Volunteering Information

What is a Volunteer Bureau?


Climb LogoBritish Trust for Conservation Volunteers

At the Volunteer Bureau, our aim is to help people to become involved in voluntary activities. We match people who want to work voluntarily with those who need them.

Such as:
British Red Cross

Crossroads LogoBritish Red Cross Logo

Voluntary work is work done for no payment other than expenses, if paid by the organisation.  But, at the Volunteer Bureau, we like to encourage organisations, who find volunteers through us, to treat their volunteers well.


Volunteers get:


Who are these jobs with?

National Association of Citizen Advice Bureaux.

Voluntary organisations in Crewe and Nantwich include social groups, black and asian community groups, campaign groups, environmental organisations, counseling and advice groups, local and national charities.

Age Concern LogoThe work that volunteers are required for is extremely varied and can be with people, animals, on environmental projects, or to undertake administrative tasks. Working on an executive committee as treasurer, chair, secretary or just a member. In a shop, as a team or one to one. There is so much to choose from, that's why we're here to help people find it! IRIS Logo


What is expected from a volunteer?

Volunteers work the hours that suit them. The only thing that is required of all volunteers is that they are reliable, that they are regular and that they get involved.

At the Bureau, we will invite you in for a chat, to find out the sort of work you want to do. If you want to get involved with an activity we will need two references from non family members.

What is there to do?

Opportunities exist to work with the young, the old and those in between, people with physical or learning difficulties or people who are homeless, victims of crime, prisoners, ex-offenders, bereaved people, or the families or carers of any of these people. There is environmental work for those who enjoy working in the open; driving work, telephone work, catering, working in shops or offices. There are many different types of work in many different places. Most activities will give you training for the tasks a volunteer may not have full experience in and free courses are available for registered volunteers at South Cheshire College. Any of the opportunities are there to be tried out. You are the volunteer; if you do not enjoy one type of work, you can always come back and we will find you another.


Crewe and Nantwich Volunteer Bureau has voluntary opportunities with local organisations in the following categories:
  • Administration
  • Adult Literacy
  • Advice Work
  • Animal Welfare
  • Befriending
  • Care Work
  • Children's Groups
  • Drivers
  • Elderly
  • Environment
  • Fund raising
  • Hospital Helper
  • ICT
  • Probation / Prisoners
  • Retail / Charity Shops
  • Telephone Work

All that is required are two references.
For further information and advice please contact:

Volunteer online with do-it!

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